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HYGISUN® Corona Saliva Self Test | 5 pieces COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Tests



Brand: Hygisun


The HYGISUN® COVID-19 Antigen corona saliva self-tests are used for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in human saliva. This saliva test gives a very reliable result within 15 minutes about the possible presence of a COVID-19 infection in the tested person. The saliva home test is therefore ideal for a quick diagnosis.

The test method of the COVID-19 antigen rapid test makes taking samples a lot easier. Taking a sample from the nose and/or throat area, which is often experienced as unpleasant, is HYGISUN® spit test no longer necessary.

  • Original HYGISUN® product
  • Easy to use
  • Fast result (Max. 15 minutes)
  • Sensitivity of 98.19%
  • Specificity of 100.00
  • No cross-reactivity
  • BfArM listed (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices)
  • Paul-Ehrlich-Institute listed
  • Storage condition: 2-30°C
  • 24 months shelf life from production date
  • CE certified
  • One-time use

The exact application is described step by step in the package leaflet. Before performing the test, hands should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water or an appropriate disinfectant.

Can the self-test be disposed of with normal waste?
All waste from the used selftest can be placed in a plastic bag with regular waste. Close the bag tightly.
Is the result positive? Then handle the cassette and the nasal swab very carefully. Because they may contain infectious material.
Also ensure good hygiene in the room where the test was taken. Thoroughly clean the surface where you performed the self test and then wash your hands.

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