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Ivrou IRYS-02 Medical FFP2 Masks x 20 pieces


Brand: Ivrou


According to research by BNNVARA's Kassa and TU Delft, this type of medical facemask is the best tested. Choose now for the best protection!

Ivrou Facemasks FFP2 are certified medical face masks with a filter efficiency of protection class FFP2 and an integrated flexibly adjustable nose clip. The abbreviation FFP stands for Filtering Facepiece Particles, which is also called a respiratory protection mask in Dutch. The added number indicates to what extent the protective mask filters the inhaled air. The FFP2 masks protect you against inhaling invisible micro-organisms, such as viruses and bacteria and pollutants in the form of droplets or fine dust particles. This is in contrast to a surgical mask that only stops splashes of liquid. For good protection, the FFP2 masks from Ivrou consist of four different layers:

  • Layer 1: Non-woven fabric
  • Layer 2: Electrostatic cotton filter
  • Layer 3: Nano-membrane filter
  • Layer 4: Skin friendly layer
    Thanks to the skin-friendly layer on the inside and the low breathing resistance, the face masks are comfortable to wear.

For optimal protection, we recommend using the face masks once.

Packed individually.

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Weight 7 kg
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