The vaccination book: International proof of vaccination | Vaccination Passport


Officieel erkend door het Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport als internationaal bewijs van vaccinatie.



A multilingual vaccination paspoort for yellow fever, DTP, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, COVID19 and other vaccinations recommended by the World Health Organization.

The yellow passport is traditionally the official vaccination certificate of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport (VWS) that is used worldwide for various traveler vaccinations (such as yellow fever) so that travelers can show this vaccination passport at the border.

For COVID-19 vaccinations, the WHO has advised that the best way to record the COVID-19 vaccination status of international travelers is via an entry according to the protocol in the yellow booklet. Every country in the world now determines its requirements for travelers regarding the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Within Europe, a digital vaccination certificate is being developed. In anticipation of and/or additionally to this, European countries may set their own requirements for another form of evidence. Several European countries such as Iceland, Spain, Germany, Austria and France are now accepting the yellow passport as a vaccination certificate, in anticipation of the EU's digital app.

Which countries these are and which additional requirements a country may impose (eg a health certificate) change with some regularity. On you will find the travel advice per country. We advise you to always check in advance yourself or with your travel organization what the travel advice is and which proofs and papers you need with regard to the COVID-19 vaccination.

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